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Eminem Trippin Out

2010-05-17 11:19:40 by icarus

Just testing out if i have front page ability yet, but while I'm at it check out this video, its really old but its some funny/freaky/crazy/weird stuff if you haven't watched.

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2010-05-07 01:19:27 by icarus

Heres a screenshot of my next game (soon to be released)-


Fellow arcade owners?

2010-04-26 04:01:36 by icarus

Hey Guys,

Got my new site up and running check it out and let me know what you think.

I know it's just a script, but for now it will do.

Do any of you guys run a decently busy arcade? Any tips or advice you can give me to get the ball rolling, what kind of ads work for you, how you get traffic etc.

Would be really interested to hear your opinions on this one.


FLING is out!

2010-04-08 07:49:34 by icarus

Hey guys,

Fling is finally's under judgment as I'm typing this. It's probably my best game to date....nothing crazy, insanse awesome, but I think you guys will find it fun!

Click here to go play.

Hope you enjoy!

FLING is out!

How low?

2010-04-02 02:50:16 by icarus

Well I'm back after a long abstinence, or maybe thats absinth, no i think it's absence....

Regardless, I've got some new games in the chute, the first one is a sequel to my game Elasticity called 'Fling' and it's 100 times better, so stay tuned for that in the next week, there's a screenshot at the bottom of this post.

Anyone else lufff happy hardcore? If you're feeling down, get happy and who knows maybe even a little hardcore too.

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How low?

New game

2007-09-25 16:17:26 by icarus

Just released a new game, borealis.

You can play it here-

I was hoping for a better score but I guess it was just too hard or not really what people like, but what are you gonna do?

Have a play, feel free to vote well if you like it.

I don't GET n.g!

2007-07-31 10:18:08 by icarus

I've been on NG for a while now, made a few games, yet I'm still yet to understand what the hell some things are about, i.e.

- What's the deal with clocks? How the hell did they start and why do people do it? What's the fascination with strawberries?

- Why do people make porn based on the Aurthur cartoons?

- Why do people make so many penis cartoons?

- WTF is the star syndicate?

Just some of the many things I don't get here on NG.
Reply with answers or just to let me know you don't get it either.